Summer pants & modified silk jacket ensemble

Summer pants & modified silk jacket ensemble


I am selling this ensemble as a set even though it is not originaly made together.


It is part of the collection HEAT WAVE, with chic summer essentials mostly light colours and natural fabrics


This set consists of:

1. cotton gauze, semi-transparent vintage trousers, simple and comfortable, elastic waist, off white colour


Fits sizes from S (with a belt) to L


waist 34cm (13.39 inches), stretched up to 50cm (19.69 inches)

length 98cm (38.58 inches)


2. modified vintage silk jacket with gold buttons, now sleeveless jacket vest, loose and oversized, goldish-beige colour


Fits sizes S to L


width 48cm (18.90 inches)

length 80cm (31.50 inches)


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