Mariela IV.

Mariela IV.


This is the second round of the collection of summer blouses inspired by Sicilian countryside lifestyle 


​Full of fresh food eaten in the shade of olive trea, swimming naked on secluded beaches, walking barefoot and wearing comfortable natural blouses that are very feminine and allows lots of movement.


This year me and my seamstress Anna took and improved few models from original collection and these are fully upcycled out of vintage cotton and linen material along with vintage handmade embelishments like embroidered ribbons, crochet doilies and other embroidered items that we use to make your blouse one-of-a-kind treasure.


​Hand made in Czech republic, designed by me and executed by Anna.



* ruffled straps

* ruffled bottom hemline

* 5 tie strings at front as closing

* not stretchy



* upcycled

* This blouse used to be a vintage cotton linen



* fits size M or L

* model wears size S (so it had to be adjusted but the fit is reflected pretty well)



* width 44cm (17.32 inches) - slightly adjustable by how tight you do the strings

* length 54cm (21.26 inches)

* straps length 19cm (7.48 inches)