Black velvet Audrey dress with rhinestones

Black velvet Audrey dress with rhinestones


Beautiful velvet long dress that inspired me to photoshoot them in Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's style.



* square halter decorated with rhinestones

* long silhouette

* left leg high slit

* adjustable thanks to lacing at the back (so fits more sizes)

* velvet 

* quite stretchy



* fits sizes S to M (model wears size S) - adjustible (lacing at the back)



* chest 39cm (15.35 inches) - variable (lacing)

* waist 33cm (12.99 inches) - slightly variable (part of the lacing goes down to waist area)

* length 150cm (59.06 inches)

* slit depth 63cm (24.80 inches)



* La Senza



* black velvet


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