Baby pink with black lace body

Baby pink with black lace body


Seductive body lingerie collection In Flagranti is inspired by 80s bodies with lace wings bottom, loose top, super high waist and high leg cut. They are very flattering and meant for the nights in but can be worn and layered with your outfit as well. 



  • high elastic waist
  • black lace decorated bottom hems
  • 2 snap closing in the crotch area
  • spaghetti straps
  • V neck



Made of preloved satin sleeping gown and lace scraps, now ready to live a new life as a body. Upcycled by my retired seamstress Anna. 

Material: polyester satin upcycled night gown



  • fits sizes S or M depending on the desired fit
  • model wears size S


MEASUREMENTS (see the last picture for measurements / 

Picture borrowed from

A: 90cm (35.43 inches)

B: 64cm (25.20 inches) waist is elastic

C: 78cm (30.71 inches)

D: 163cm (64.17 inches)


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