Being responsible and conscious about the environment is the priority for my shop and I am always looking for new ways to be more environmental and to give back.



and I am the owner and photographer at the Vintage Mood Shop.

I am old fashioned, I love old movies, jazz, autumn, rainy days and reading books at the coffee shops. I love when things creates certain atmosphere and I think the clothes we wear should do the same. 

I am also interested in circular economy in a way that could be fun and interesting - it is so easy to contribute this way and buy/sell vintage, secondhand and upcycled clothes.

I always loved thrifting and had a way to find great and interesting things mostly because I didn't mind spending time there and look at each and every item. I think that's the secret of finding great stuff. I can spend hours and hours thrifting.

But my whole life is not about vintage fashion, I am also interested in Ayurvedic cooking (been writing a blog about it some time ago) and currently study to be a yoga teacher. 

I also organized Festival of circular economy in Brno in December 2019 and have couple of other sustainable projects in mind that I am continuously working on.

Let's chat if you are interested in things like that or want to participate on anything (I  have too many ideas and too little time so I always appreciate help, and don't worry about location, I think globally :) )




For me circularity is the best way how to reinvent fashion industry. We can create from what already exists and this way we can stop polluting by mass production.

Read more about the steps I take to bring circularity into my shop below.


I pride myself for excellent customer skills that I gained from my experience in hospitality. However I like to add a human factor to it and talk to my customers as dear friends.



I like to picture every item in a certain context and thats how collections are curated.

I don't sell clothes I sell atmosphere.

Have a look at lookbooks to see what I mean.


These are the steps I currently take to make my shop a part of sustainable and circular fashion







My shop is managed only by me. I can sew but I am not very experienced so I just have fun with it. For most of upcycling I rely on my seamstress Anna that has the the whole life experience and is now retired. So she has a lot of time for my ideas and designs.

For the shop I never source new material or order creation of new material. For everything that me and Anna are creating we use vintage and secondhand material.

I try to stick to natural fabrics, but sometimes the charm of pattern wins and I choose artifical one as well.

To keep the waste to a minimun I sacrificed fancy packaging and often reuse boxes and envelopes. 

Your clothes is wrapped in a bag (made by me out of recycled material) or scarf. I hope you will find a use for both as a produce grocery wrap.

The personal note in your package is written on collage postcard that I make for relaxation and use old mags, greeting cards etc.


My recycled collages = the postcards with the personal not for you in your package
(every postcard is unique)

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